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Teknotherm Inc

3941 Leary Way NW Seattle, WA 98107 USA

AboutTeknotherm Inc

Always in the Lead

Founded in Norway in 1926, Teknotherm has grown into a major force in the world of marine and industrial refrigeration. The Seattle branch was opened in 1987, and is now employee owned and operated.

We put innovation ahead of imitation, and continually strive for the most economical, efficient, and sustainable solutions. All of our products are designed and built to maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact.

Environmental Responsiblity 288x162Environmental Responsibility

Teknotherm is leading the way in the use of environmentally responsible refrigeration solutions – particularly the use of ammonia. We have worked closely with many customers to make the transition from R22 to ammonia and have many more such projects in the works.

Teknotherm Refrigeration specializes in installing and servicing all types of RSW systems, ice makers, chillers, and condensers for fishing vessels, offshore oil rigs, maritime support ships, and cruise ships, as well as land-based industrial freezing systems.

We manufacture chillers, refrigerators, condensers, and ice machines at our complete design and fabrication facility in Seattle. Under our TeknoLogic division we design and build our own system controls and automation by hand in our UL listed panel shop.