TC/American Crane Company

TC/American Crane Company

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AboutTC/American Crane Company

TC/American has material handling experience dating back to 1925. Throughout the years, we have built up our services to be the easiest solution for your material handling application. We supply many manufacturers and factories with the solutions they need to make their process safer, faster, and more efficient. As the industry leader in “Patented Track” and a force to be reckoned with in the top-running and enclosed track sector, we know how to help you find the best solution for your needs.


Get Things Moving In A Big Way

Delivering Engineered Material Handling Solutions For Your Industry

Aerospace & Defense

We work with many well-known and reputable aerospace manufacturers to improve their airplane, rocket and missile production process. From Boeing to Delta, if it flies, our systems solutions can improve its manufacturing process.


As the automotive production process shifts more and more towards automation, these processes depend more on highly engineering material handling solutions. Our solutions paired with intelligent automation have helped and continue to help manufacturers from Ford to Rivian.

Government & Military

It is always an honor to help government and military operations when we have the opportunity. Providing highly engineered process solutions for military branches, and even NASA, is one of our specialties.

Construction & Agriculture

The large and in-charge equipment in the construction and agriculture industry requires a heavy duty and highly engineered manufacturing process. Companies like John Deere and Caterpillar depend on TC/American material handling systems to get the job done right!

Mining & Steel Production

Mining & steel production is important to many companies in the manufacturing industry including ourselves. Our overhead cranes and monorails are manufactured with US produced steel, so we are excited to help these companies improve their overall manufacturing and mining processes.


One wouldn’t think that a higher education university would have a need for overhead cranes and monorail systems, but we regularly provide solutions to universities for everything from technical course shops to necropsy labs. From the University of Minnesota to the University of Florida, these organizations are using our equipment to help improve the learning process.

Commercial Laundry

Large-scale commercial laundering facilities depend on a complicated system of monorail switches and curves to process large amounts of laundry as safely and efficiently as possible. With our history and knowledge of these systems, we can find the perfect solution for your laundry application.

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