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Dipping Cranes

Dipping Cranes

Dipping Cranes

TC/American Dipping Cranes are specially designed for treating, plating or painting parts and assemblies. These cranes move items through a series of dipping tanks where they are treated with a variety of liquid solutions.

Designed To Meet Your Exact Requirements

All TC/American Dipping Cranes are designed and manufactured in close coordination with the end user to meet their exact requirements. Dipping cranes may handle small parts mounted on racks, or large assemblies weighing several tons. A specially designed lift beam or carriage is provided to mate with the customer’s parts rack or component carrier.

Single Or Several Parts Racks Move Sequentially Or Progressively

A Dipping Crane may move a single parts rack sequentially through a series of tanks, or a single crane (or multiple cranes) may be programmed to move several parts racks progressively through a series of tanks. Depending upon the “recipe” for a process, the Dipping Crane or Cranes set a rack into a tank and then reposition to move other racks from their current position to the next tank in the sequence.

Manually Controlled Or Fully Automated

Dipping Crane operation may be manually controlled for simpler processes and few tank locations or, for more complex and high cycle processes, the operation may be fully automated, with full communication between all cranes, tanks, or input/output locations and a host inventory control computer.


Fully automatically operated Dipping Cranes allow precision timing of dipping cycles to provide a consistent, superior finish while reducing employee workload and improving safety.

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