TAS Automação - Soluções Industriais

TAS Automação - Soluções Industriais

R: Major Dr. Waldemar Furquim, 1359, Piracangaguá, Taubaté - São Paulo

AboutTAS Automação - Soluções Industriais

Welcome to the Fabulous World of Industrial Automation

Here we bottle dreams and transport joy to homes. Qualified people

The service team of the TAS Automação group is constantly trained and updated to ensure maximum efficiency and professionalism. Due to its efficiency and preparation, we guarantee the results of the interventions carried out by our employees, in terms of reliability and efficiency.

Complex Systems

Installations, start-ups and testing for bottling and automobile plants are our speciality. Our team of highly specialized technicians is able to accompany all phases of installation, start-up and testing, as well as providing technical assistance and equipment maintenance. We also support any 

Consulting & Management

We provide systems consulting for filling, packaging, wrapping and palletizing using our research and development team. A team of qualified technicians with years of experience that studies the best solutions from a technical-functional point of view, to satisfy all the specific needs of the customer. the quality is