801 Industrial Dr, Hicksville, Ohio, 43526, United States


The Swivellink® product line originally started out with a need to mount operator start buttons onto custom-built industrial machinery. The truth is, we didn’t develop the product to sell, but to solve a problem on our own production lines. We knew the design needed to be robust and flexible. The goal was to protect the expensive button and route the quick disconnect cable internally, because a simple wire break or damaged button can cause hours of costly production downtime.

 Soon after it was designed, others quickly saw the value in it as well, and sales took off without much effort. The Swivellink® product was unique and offered multiple benefits. Once it gained traction in the market, we found new and more creative ways to solve other mounting problems. We added solutions to mount cameras, sensors, lights, robotic end-of-arm tooling, etc. Swivellink® is now offered in 3 different sizes, XS, Standard, & Heavy Duty, and comes in Metric or Imperial. (Heavy Duty only available in Imperial sizes)

 As Swivellink® sets out to provide innovative products, other automation solutions have been developed through the years. Swivellink® now offers complete conveyors, modular guarding (Stronguard®), robot pedestals, and a safety validation device (PLx).

 Now distributed worldwide, the Swivellink® product line has been used for hundreds of different applications in all types of industries. Our goal is to intelligently design a flexible product line that will solve automation problems. The possibilities are endless.