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Supfina Machine Company, Inc

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AboutSupfina Machine Company, Inc

Your solution provider

An ideal solution is the result of constant interaction and development. We know this as well as our customers do, which is why Supfina's corporate philosophy is based on an integrated approach. This means combining traditional knowledge and experience with high technology and uncompromising customer service.

Supfina Grieshaber conducts targeted research and combines many years of experience in the field of superfinishing and grinding as well as automation with knowledge of upstream and downstream processes.

As a system supplier, we offer you complete solutions from one source. We develop the right professional solution for every requirement. This allows you to react quickly to changing customer requirements and strengthen your own market position.Our systems are supplemented by a comprehensive, digitally supported service to ensure that as a customer, you can continue to rely on Supfina at all times.

Supfina Grieshaber is your reliable partner worldwide when it comes to implementing economical machining solutions for the highest demands – both today and into the future!

The history

Flexibility for over 100 years

At Supfina, it is in our tradition to respond to customer needs and market changes. For this reason, the company's history is not stationary, but reflects the flexibility with regard to market requirements that characterizes the company to this day. Supfina’s origins stem from two companies. In 1903, brothers Albin and Bruno Grieshaber founded a craftsman's business in the Black Forest, from which the company "Grieshaber Drehteile" in Wolfach emerged. In Remscheid, the BergischeWerkzeugfabrik has been owned by the Hentzen family since 1910.While the manufacturing program in Remscheid has developed over the years from tools to machine construction and eventually to superfinishing technology, the Grieshaber family also recognized the market opportunities, discontinued the construction of lathes and gears and also concentrated on superfinishing machines.

In 1951 the Remscheid-based company changed its name to "Supfina - Wieck und Hentzen" - derived from "Superfinish". The brand "Supfina" is born!

Merger and creation of Supfina Grieshaber GmbH & Co KG

From 1972, the two companies began to cooperate and finally merged in 1995 to form the present Supfina Grieshaber GmbH & Co KG. In addition to the German company location in Wolfach/Black Forest. As Supfina wanted to jump into the North American market, they began making acquisitions. The addition of Taft-Peirce in 1984 found the birth of Supfina Machine Company, which became the North American headquarters for the company. This once small shop now had the ability to manufacture machine tools for the entire world from our two technology centers. In 2002, micro-finishing company Masco was acquired as another addition to improve our abrasive finishing systems.Since 2001, an office location has been prevalent in Beijing to assist with the Chinese market. With decades of machine building experience, coupled with our deep roots in German engineering, our precision and perfection of creating robust, reliable systems has stood the test of time.These global locations position Supfina as the world's largest supplier of superfinishing machines and attachments.

New applications, new markets

True to its tradition of constantly adapting to changing markets, Supfina has broadened its horizons into the 21st century. Applications for surface grinding, fine grinding and belt grinding have been added. As a full-range supplier, Supfina not only automates its own equipment with clever systems, but also integrates value-adding and upstream and downstream processes.With this experience, highly modularized and flexible manufacturing solutions are now being created for a wide range of industries worldwide.