Starcyl USA Corp.

Starcyl USA Corp.

348 Route 11, PO BOX 771 Champlain, NY, 12919 USA

AboutStarcyl USA Corp.

STARCYL has developed over the last 20 years several product lines of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders and presses as well as custom made products applicable to virtually any industry. Now part of the 5 biggest manufacturers of NFPA interchangeable cylinders in North America, the company offers top quality and durable products thanks to an exclusive Starnite process of its parts.

Ever since its foundation in 1994, Starcyl has always been known for its concern for top quality products and support to its customers by first developing a revolutionary upgradeable multistage pneumatic cylinder. This innovation patented in Canada and USA combines low space usage and multiplies force by adding modular stages (STAR1 series).

Over the years, the company has expanded and developed new product lines and custom made products of pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders and presses in order to better answer the unceasingly increasing demand. Incorporated in the United States since July 1, 2003, Starcyl Cylinders offers today ten product lines answering the expectations of several customers and distributors in Canada and the United States. An experienced American sales manager has joined the team in August 2003 in order to develop this new market bringing more than 18 new American distributors. These customers and distributors come from various fields from food packaging to the construction industry, including the American Coast Guard, serigraphy, transformation of wood, industrial washing machines and many other industrial machinery industries.

Nine years after its first opening, the company has expanded tremendously. Sales have more than doubled in the past two years only and are approximately divided in equal shares between the United States and Canada.

With the help of its new distributors, the ambition of its managers and the devotion of its employees, Starcyl Cylinders is facing a promising future.