Sigmatek GmbH & Co KG

Sigmatek GmbH & Co KG

Sigmatekstrasse 1 5112 Lamprechtshausen Austria

AboutSigmatek GmbH & Co KG

SIGMATEK designs and produces innovative, reliable and economic automation complete solutions. We are based in Austria, internationally successful and have great plans ahead.

The American dream begins in the garage, that of SIGMATEK, in the bedroom. Like many others, the SIGMATEK founders started their company in a private residence. "Since in our house, the bedroom was easiest to clear, that is where we set up our first production site", Andreas Melkus, who started the company together with Theodor and Marianne Kusejko.

The SIGMATEK founders at the 20-year celebration.

What began in 1988 as the vision of its founders and current Executive Management Team, has evolved over the decades into a leading company for automation technology. Integrated system solutions, oriented toward customer benefits, were and still remain the recipe for success.

Today, the automation experts based in Lamprechtshausen, have 550 employees worldwide. The company is still 100 percent owned by the families Melkus and Kusejko.

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