Sielco Sistemi srl

Sielco Sistemi srl

via Roma, 24 22070 Guanzate (CO) Italy

AboutSielco Sistemi srl

Sielco Sistemi was created from the original group that in the early '90 has developed the software package for automation Winlog and now is offering its renewed and enhanced version Winlog Pro. Our mission is to promote the diffusion of the SCADA software Winlog Pro all over the world through the continuous updating and enrichment of the product, the close cooperation with our customers and Solution Providers and the expansion and strengthening of our distribution network. In addition to Winlog Pro SCADA software, we offer a range of industrial Panel PCs (PClog) and a Data Acquisition System (IOlog). Sielco Sistemi also offers itself as a partner for the development of applications and the implementation of integrated hardware/software solutions.

Know How

Our know-how comes from direct experience gained in over twenty years of fieldwork. Among our customers are machine manufacturers, production managers, engineering companies and electrical installers. We have provided systems for supervision of industrial plants, for acquisition and processing of production data, for quality control of production and storing process, for building automation, for remote control of public utility networks. We have gained specific skills in several industrial sectors as textiles, plastics, food, ceramics and electronics.


Sensitivity to our customer’s needs is the most distinctive feature of the way we do business. We are committed to work closely with our customers, to find a common language, understand their specific problems and provide timely responses and solutions. Our services: training and upgrading courses, consultancy in the design phase, development of the project, assistance during start-up, after-sales support and technical assistance contracts.

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