Servo Repair International

Servo Repair International

3812 William Flynn Hwy Ste 7, Allison Park, Pennsylvania, 15101, United States

AboutServo Repair International

At Servo Repair International, Inc., our vision is to establish and grow a Pittsburgh based, high quality servo repair and replacement business to industrial customers worldwide.

The company was established in 1996 in Glenshaw, Pennsylvania and continues to grow at an aggressive pace. SRI is a repair facility with a staff of fully trained personnel servicing a wide variety of AC and DC servo equipment. Specializing in servo motor and feedback package repair, SRI also provides repair and replacement of AC and DC servo amplifiers and related equipment.

In addition to standard repairs, motor customization and services such as frame remagnetization and motor shaft repair are also offered. Along with the services previously mentioned, SRI provides equipment replacement, reconditioning and exchange.

Already servicing many of the major manufactured servomotors, SRI continues to pursue joint venture opportunities with new manufacturers to expand its portfolio of services in the motion control marketplace.

Benefits of Working With Us

 At Servo Repair International we won’t try to diagnose your servo motor or servo related equipment’s issues over the phone. A proper evaluation is best performed by our staff in our facility. Servo Repair International won’t charge a flat rate for your unit’s repair, either. We don’t think your small repair job should help to pay for another customer’s big repair job.

Free Evaluations

To help mitigate the costs in both time and money that sending your equipment to our facility might entail, Servo Repair International offers free evaluations and quotes. There is no fixed fee added to your quotation and if you decide against having your unit repaired by us your only obligation is the cost of return shipping.

Rush Service

At Servo Repair International we understand better than anyone that the old cliché, “time is money”, still holds true. When the pressure is on Servo Repair International offers rush evaluations and rush service to provide you with answers almost immediately (24 to 48 hours!) and turn around your repair as soon as possible.

No Expediting Fees

Time may be tight, but that doesn’t mean you stop making sure you get value for your money. At Servo Repair International you won’t have to pay an expediting fee just to get us to make your job a priority. If your job is urgent for you, it’s urgent for us.

Fast Service Standard

You can expect fast, reliable service from Servo Repair International even if you don’t request rush service. The average time to complete an evaluation and provide you with a thorough report and quotation is less than ten working days and frequently less than five working days from our receipt of the unit. Repairs can generally be completed in a five to ten working day time frame, often sooner!

Technical Support

When you’re not sure what’s causing the problem with your equipment or when you need some guidance once you’ve received your repaired equipment back from Servo Repair International, you can count on us for technical support from one of our engineers or technicians. Servo Repair International understands that solving your issue is not always as simple as just repairing your equipment and so technical support on units we have repaired is offered free of charge.

One Year Warranty

If our technical support is not able to solve your issue, we warranty all the parts we install and the labor we provide. If we can remedy the failure we will do so free of charge. If we cannot, we offer a full refund up to the amount you originally paid for our work. The warranty extends for one year from the date of shipment, so you can have the security of knowing your equipment is covered.