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For more than 40 years, Sepro has enjoyed remarkable industrial success with more than 30,000 injection molding machines installed throughout the world.

For 48 years Sepro has experienced an enviable industrial success story with almost 40.000 injection molding machines equipped throughout the world.

The technical innovation and the international market renew the Sepro Group’s success every year.Sepro Group is a French Company with 12 subsidiaries. A network of 42 distributors represents the brand worldwide and its only culture is customer satisfaction.

Sepro Group has grown with the industry to become a leader in the automation of plastics injection molding processes. Across it’s almost fifty-year history, Sepro Group has equipped over 40,000 plastic injection molding machines worldwide.

Sepro Group offers a wide range of configurable solutionsfrom simple take-out robots to complex automation cells. These solutions can include cartesian and six-axis robots as well as several types of peripherals in order to fully automate the production line, and can be integrated on any injection molding machine both on new and existing equipment.

A global company with subsidiaries or distributors in every European, American and Asian key markets, Sepro Group has the capability to support customers all over the world thanks to an extensive service network.

Whatever project you are working on, there is a Sepro solution for you.