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AboutSage Automation Inc

Few companies can lay claim to the individuals who have pioneered the products they sell. But then again, that’s what helps set Sage Automation apart in the robotics and automation industry. Sage’s engineering foundation was built by Don Cawley and his son Cliff Cawley, who spent their time inventing and re-inventing designs in industrial automation on a daily basis. A combined 90+ years of experience helps solve most any engineering problem customers threw at them. The Cawley design hallmark was almost always “less is more.” When approaching an automation or mechanical engineering problem, they always started with the least amount of mechanisms and then added as necessary instead of over-complicating things from the start.

Don’s father Cliff started his own machine shop in the 1940s which led to Don’s early interest in machining, automation, and later robotics. Building on his father’s knowledge and resources, Don founded his own machining company in 1964. While in business, he pioneered Gantry Robots and in 1981 had the word “Machine” in his company name changed to “Robotics.” Having already been highly successful, Don recruited his son Cliff at a young age to help him continue the growth he had started in the industry of automation and robotics.

Wanting to expand their operations even further, Don and Cliff sold off their old company to make a fresh start with a friend and business acquaintance of Don’s. In 1995, they partnered with Steve Ingraham, a highly successful machine shop owner/operator and entrepreneur who’s success has been built on technology and precision. Steve was able to dedicate a large percentage of his modern machine shop to the parts machining and fabrication of robots for the new company. To make matters even easier, the site chosen to start their new venture happened to be next door to the machine shop. Together, this new team established Sage Automation as a single corporation able to create a robot from concept to installation completely in-house. Application Engineers, Conceptual Designers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Software Engineers, Designers, Fabricators, Installers and Servicemen all reside under one roof to help bring the best possible equipment to the customer.

To build these systems and plan out entire integrated environments, Sage has to have the space and resources to work within. Some of the Sage resources are:

• Over 150 Employees at Three Facilities in Two States• Nearly 160,000 Square Feet of Environmentally-Controlled Workspace• Dedicated Machine Shop and Fabrication Arm• Automation Technology Research and Development Team• Full Complement of Mechanical, Electrical, and Software Engineers• Complete and Total In-House Control from Concept to Installation

Have confidence in doing business with Sage Automation, not just for the quality of the work or the innovation in design, but for the sheer fact of the solid partnership your business will form with Sage.

• 300+ Successful and Unique Robotic System Installations• 70% of Sales are Repeat Customers• Sage Automation and I-Corp Inc. are both Debt-Free Corporations

Sage Engineers have pioneered the designs of four generations of Gantry Robot and Robot Arm systems since the mid 1970’s. We have continually improved flexibility, reliability, speed, payload, and precision. Sage Automation has been an authorized FANUC Robotics Reseller since 1995. In that time Sage Automation Engineers and Programmers developed a strong line of communication with FANUC for maximum technical support coverage and problem-solving capabilities. Sage Automation can easily integrate almost any platform with the FANUC Control Units thanks to the FANUC certified training that our programmers and engineers have taken as well as real-world experience in previous jobs involving FANUC equipment.