966, Chemin Olivier, Suite 325 Levis, QC G7A 2N1, Canada


Robotiq offers a wide range of robotic products and software consisting of flexible robot grippers, sensors, vision systems, and robot monitoring software.
Founded in 2008, Robotiq works with a global network of robot experts. Robotiq's tools and know-how allow manufacturers to simplify the deployment of collaborative robot applications.
The company manufactures robotic devices with an aim to lower down the obstructions faced by the entry-level businesses in the implementation of the automation process. With the development of Plug and Play, easy to install robotic devices, all the automation entry barriers have been eradicated.
Simplicity, reliability and durability are the main features of Robotiq’s products. All the products are manufactured with a goal of making complex automation operations easier and to attain high Return on Investment which in return helps in the sustainable growth of their client’s business.
Robotiq constantly strives and focuses on the creation and adaptation of new advanced technologies to complement their product offering.

Manufacturers struggle to put robots to work in their factory because it’s still too costly and too complicated. Robotiq's tools and know-how simplify collaborative robot applications, so factories can start production faster. Robotiq works with a global network of connected robot experts supporting their local manufacturers.


Respect, honesty, integrity and responsability are the roots of all our actions. We strive to respect all our commitments towards ourselves, our clients and partners.

Positive attitude

We address challenges with a positive attitude and we find solutions. We constantly look forward into a world of opportunities!


Simplicity is our close friend to easily implement our solutions in an often complex world. We preach by simplicity for a sustainable growth and to transform our clients’ challenges into simple, integrated solutions.

Creative impact

We focus our flow of creativity into new solutions to have a direct impact on ourselves and our clients competitiveness. Curiosity leads us to build new and useful solutions built around our clients’ reality.

Teamwork and family support

Our collaboration, communication, determination and team spirit are the reasons of our success as a business. We cultivate a family spirit and prone a healthy work-life balance, because we know the importance of having a healthy mind in a healthy body!