R.J. Wilson, Inc.

R.J. Wilson, Inc.

119 Drum Hill Road #358 Chelmsford, MA 01824

AboutR.J. Wilson, Inc.

R.J. Wilson, Inc. has been involved in machine vision since the industry’s early days. In fact, we’re local to many of the OEM pioneers in the vision industry and worked with them to provide the cameras, lenses, filters, and lighting components to help them grow the industry.

Today, R.J. Wilson, Inc. is a technologist specializing in providing image formation components for machine vision and vision-guided robotics applications, including:

  • Industrial cameras
  • SWIR imaging cameras
  • Standard and telecentric lenses
  • Lens filters and polarizers
  • LED lighting
  • LED lighting controllers
  • Fiber optic lighting
  • Pattern projection for 3D or other uses
  • Flexible camera and light mounting systems
  • Camera Enclosures

It’s more efficient to create a high-quality image up-front than to count on software algorithms to compensate for a poor-quality image. We pride ourselves on maintaining a consultative approach to selecting the optimum imaging components for your application.

While R.J. Wilson, Inc. is best known for providing imaging components for machine vision, we also offer:

  • Programmable encoders
  • Programmable limit switches and press monitoring components
  • Vibration monitoring solutions for machine, cooling tower, & turbine protection
  • Photoelectric triggers for clear and opaque parts and labels
  • Safety mats
  • Industrial guarding
  • Laser protection eyewear and windows
  • Safety circuit tester

Rather than provide a laundry list of components to choose from on our web site, we prefer to provide tailored information and product highlights about the various technologies we support. We encourage conversations and work as a technology partner to understand your application requirements and recommend an image formation, machine control, sensing, or safety solution to fit. Quality, reliability, and expert factory support top our list when selecting brands to offer our customers.