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RedLux Ltd

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AboutRedLux Ltd

A comprehensive and powerful machine vision solution  for the inspection of flat optical surfaces.

  • Highly repeatable detection and characterisation of imperfections.
  • Complete evaluation of optical surface quality to industry standards.
  • 300 mm x 300 mm inspection area.

Multiple inspection modes

  • Instant readout on a defect-by-defect basis.
  • Full clear aperture scanning.
  • Batch inspection (inspect multiple parts in a single cycle).

Automatic pass/fail report generation with imperfection mapping.

Are You Still Inspecting Optical Surfaces Manually?

Manual inspection often results in subjectivity and an absence of traceability that has a measurable impact on process confidence, product quality and ultimately business performance.

With OptiLux SD, you can now improve your inspection process, by objectively inspecting and evaluating surface quality with highly repeatable detection and characterisation to industry standards, providing your team with detailed and traceable documentation at the click of a button.

Delivering Control

OptiLux SD patented inspection technology supports both visual and dimensional inspection standards, delivering repeatability, reproducibility and throughput performance that finally allows you to build confidence in your inspection process and product quality.