Ras Labs, Inc.

Ras Labs, Inc.

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AboutRas Labs, Inc.

We are working on an extremely sensitive sensor that will bring tactile sensing to existing and next generation robotic grippers. Currently, actuators cannot provide streamlined expansion and contraction while dynamically sensing grip pressure. Our sensor can. Providing a firm, yet gentle grasp. 


The key to Ras Labs’ FingerTip™ sense of touch comes from our compliant electroactive polymers (EAPs). Ras Labs makes Synthetic Muscle™, which is a patented class of EAP-based materials and actuators that sense pressure (gentle touch to high impact), controllably contract and expand at low voltage (battery levels), and attenuate force*1,2. Synthetic Muscle™ is a durable manmade material capable of life-like tactile sensing feedback and biomimetic motion, and able to withstand harsh environments: extreme temperatures, pressures, radiation, and areas with contagions that have no cure. Ras Labs’ EAPs are scalable and can be made in a variety of shapes, sizes, and thickness. This is a strong material platform business that can lead to many applications; however, our current focus is providing human-like touch and feedback to robotic grippers and end of arm tooling (EOAT).   

Ras Labs’ FingerTip™ sensors have been integrated into traditional marketplace grippers. These sensors generate immediate feedback at the first point of contact.  Because these pads provide a soft, compliant interface (they feel like human fingertips), the point of contact is gentle, yet also firm. These sensors also detect the change in pressure location on its surface, making it possible to detect and prevent slippage by then adjusting the grip strength, without stutter, due to both feedback and the pad’s compliance. The soft gentle nature of our FingerTip™ sensors naturally hold gripped objects, even ripe fruit, with no droppage, no slippage, and no damage.