Quifer actuators sl

Quifer actuators sl

C/NIIa Km 8,5

Figueres ( Spain)

AboutQuifer Actuators sl

Quifer Actuators was set up in 1975, as small local company producer pneumatic actuators. During the 15 first years of life, the company focused in local market, being the first manufacturer in Spain of rack and pinion actuators. In 1990 the company begun an export policy and opened his market around the world, establishing presence and distributions in key markets. At these moments, our brand has presence with distributions in countries like: US, China, Russia, UK, Middle East, Almost all countries of Europe…


In 2000, initiated a policy of diversification of his products and opted to improve their research and development department, that soon gave its results, launching new products in the market like: Pneumatic Scotch Yoke actuators, Hydraulic Scotch Yoke actuators, Low and Artic temperature range for theirproducts (up to -65C), 3 Phase actuators, Electro hydraulic actuator…


In 2010, again, a new target to meet was achieved: belong in the exclusive circle of manufacturers of actuators capable to supply to the Oil and Gas market. To do that, it was needed to get new certifications, like SIL, approvals to vendor lists, and create a new technical department available to design specific solutions for projects.


Nowadays, QUIFER ACTUATORS is a contrasted company with quality products, available to produce a huge range of products and develop new products for specific projects or for main market. Also, our certificates and approvals and the projects already done, give to QUIFER ACTUATORS, a prestigious that is one of our principal values.