Quantum Composers

Quantum Composers

212 Discovery Drive Bozeman, MT. 59718 USA

AboutQuantum Composers

Quantum Composers, a privately held company based in Bozeman, Montana, is an internationally recognized pioneer in the Test and Measurement market place with the design and production of laser systems and precision pulse generator instrument lines. Since 1993, Quantum has been a leader in custom designed scientific based technologies and concepts.

Quantum Composers is constantly evolving to meet the demands of a changing high tech marketplace. The company was founded in September 1993 in Bozeman, Montana, an already accelerating high tech center for electro-optic startups in the northern Rocky Mountain Region. Quantum developed a strong foot hold in the electro-optics market place with the design and development of a precision pulse generator family, as well as providing custom laser systems for micromachining applications.

Creativity, quality, and innovation fuel the future growth of Quantum Composers. Today, Quantum’s employees grow and thrive in an environment where engineering ideas and customer relationships drive R&D and manufacturing. This is demonstrated in the expansion of Quantum’s innovative new products and custom systems for the electro-optics and laser industry.

Quantum Composers continues its legacy of custom product development for the electro-optics and laser industry by designing custom electronics & instrumentation, custom software, as well as providing design and manufacturing consulting, and training services.