Via Pian di Morro I, 1/A, 60043 Cerreto d'Esi (AN)

AboutQS GROUP S.p.A.

QS Group builds automated industrial machines, systems and moulds for sheet metal, plastic and polyurethane foam processing, product handling systems and automated warehouses; the company also develops software to acquire, process and manage production data.

QS Group provides turnkey solutions for the white goods sector, allowing the Client to benefit in economic terms as well as from having a single interface in the development of the project. In addition to white goods, which has always represented QS Group's main sector, the company has developed, over the years, its presence in various industrial sectors, namely: automotive, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and mechanical in general. By opening branches and representative offices in various countries around the world QS Group is active worldwide, and is constantly expanding its presence abroad by pursing its goal of globalising the company.

We design and build machines-to-fit that fulfil all Client requirements: this is the meaning of customization and personalisation. The design and construction of each system is preceded by an accurate analysis of the Client's production requirements, the layout of the facilities and the goals that they wish to achieve.

Wherever required the Client is also assisted in co-design activities and concurrent product engineering, up to the development of the prototypes.

The continuous activity of Research and Development, also in collaboration with prestigious engineering Universities, allows QS Group to offer its clients innovative applications before they are available on the market. The company's daily goal is to research and develop cutting-edge solutions in the industrial automation sector, identifying new production technologies and solutions that constitute a true added value for their Clientele. This allows solutions that combine innovation, efficiency, reliability and ease of use to be developed.

QS Group is also cutting-edge in terms of the energy consumption of its systems, with solutions that guarantee considerable savings.