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PushCorp is a robotic tooling manufacturer, specializing in material removal equipment. As inventors of the force compliance device, we have helped automate thousands of robotic processes across the globe. Innovation is in our DNA and it’s why we are constantly evolving, creating, and adding new surface finishing products to our portfolio each year. Whether you are a manufacturer or a robotic systems integrator, we have the tooling to help automate your manual process. Let's discuss your project and see how we can help bring quality and consistency to your surface finishing application.

The First Robotic Force Compliance Device

PushCorp was founded in March, 1993 with the primary goal of creating end effectors for robotic surface finishing processes. Our first product, which was patented in 1995, was the Adjustable Force Device (AFD). This product's function was to allow a robot to maintain a consistent yet adjustable force when in contact with a part's surface. Previously, industrial robots simply moved from point A to point B without any regard for the amount of force being applied. PushCorp’s innovative compliance device opened the door for robotic grinding, sanding, polishing, and other surface finishing applications that require a precise force. Prior to this invention, these types of processes were considered virtually impossible to automate due to the immense programming that was required to account for inconsistencies between parts and the abrasive wear.