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AboutPULS GmbH

Company profile

PULS is specialised in the development and manufacture of DIN rail power supplies. The privately owned and managed company is known for its pioneering spirit, dedicated to perfection and innovative ideas.

PULS is the only company worldwide focused entirely on the development and production of DIN rail power supplies. We concentrate our engineering knowledge, resources and energy on one goal: To be the best in this technology. As a result of this focus, we set standards in terms of efficiency and quality that delight our customers.


Our products are founded on the expertise and pioneering spirit of more than 100 development engineers. The power supplies in our product families DIMENSION, PIANO and MiniLine are the result of talented and creative engineering. We always think one step ahead and are ready and willing to go that extra mile.


The quality of our power supplies is a primary priority for us. Our purchasing and development departments ensure the use of only the highest-quality components for the design process. In MTBF and lifetime we regularly set the benchmarks in the market.

In addition, our power supplies are made available for decades and will not be discontinued. As a result our customers can plan for the long term, without having to worry about obsolescence or design changes of power supplies. As our customer, you will decide when you want to upgrade to our latest technologies.

Sales and application engineering

Our sales team offers an excellent worldwide support. Your application and your needs are our main focus. We want to find the perfect power supply for you. Tell us your ideas and let‘s talk to each other personally. If you need assistance with the integration of PULS power supplies in your applications, please feel free to contact our Technical Support directly.

Supply chain management and production

The entire supply chain management is controlled by PULS’ internal processes. Starting with the design and development, on to the purchasing of components through to the manufacturing in our own plants, everything is controlled by the company's work processes. This enables us to guarantee the highest standards and absolute reliability. Our two production sites in Europe and Asia also ensure dependable, long-term product availability.

Subsidiaries PULS Vario and MGV

PULS has a very broad range of DIN rail power supplies, available from stock at any time. Most of our customers will find a suitable power supply for their application in our portfolio but sometimes special requirements need custom modifications or a customised value add system. In the PULS Group the subsidiaries PULS Vario and MGV provide these special solutions.

The PULS Group combines the best of both worlds: the technology, reliability and cost-optimized high-volume power supplies from a global production organization combined with the service of low-volume customer-specific developments.