PRISMA Impianti SpA

PRISMA Impianti SpA

Via Asti, 7 15060 Basaluzzo (AL) – Italy

AboutPRISMA Impianti SpA

Since 1980 PRISMA Impianti provides advanced process control systems with smart analytics, functional safety and cyber security features

PRISMA Impianti provides solutions in many different sectors

Solutions and packages


We can improve the Productivity and Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) of your process through the reengineering of your production plants. Revamping the electrical and automation systems greatly reduces lead and cycle times and helps speed-up maintenance by replacing outdated technologies.


Smart Analytics are a more immediate and convenient solution to improve your production management. Our Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution features material and warehouse management, production scheduling and optimization, real-time tracking, quality control, data storage and analysis, KPI and reports. The system is mobile-friendly and can be combined with our cyber security suite SEC.R.A.® for safe remote access.

We optimize your production process with references in multiple industries around the world


Energy Efficiency can be an important competitive advantage. With our vast expertise with drives and process control, we can optimize energy consumption. We also have specific solutions for Energy Monitoring & Control Systems (EMCS), a critical element of a modern substation.


We have experience with Safety Integrity Levels up to SIL 3 and Performance Levels up to Pld. We perform Process Hazard & Risk Analysis (HAZOP, FMEA, FTA, RAMS), design Integrated Control & Safety Systems (ICSS), Fire&Gas and Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD), certifying the supply according to the related safety standards.