Precision, Inc.

Precision, Inc.

1700 Freeway Boulevard Minneapolis,MN 55430 USA

AboutPrecision, Inc.

Precision, Inc is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of custom magnetic components and assemblies for the electronics industry. Since 1964, Precision, Inc has gained its customers trust with reliable, quality products'.

Based in Minneapolis, MN Precision, Inc. engineers draw upon years of design experience to bring innovative and sophisticated methods to solving our customer magnetic needs. Our customers recognize that high reliability, quality materials and engineering skill are an integral part of Precision, Inc. They know that they are getting the highest value products and technology solutions for their most challenging application.

Precision, Inc. uses leading edge materials and state of the art design technology to deliver on our customers’ expectations across a broad range of magnetic applications.

Precision, Inc.Precision, Inc. can meet the specifications of all your specialized magnetic needs.

Precision, Inc. maintains a reputation as a quality organization in magnetic component manufacturing. Our employees are quality driven, always ready to take advantage of new ideas and streamline processes. This shows in the pride they take in sharing our engineering know-how, design capabilities and fabrication experience with our customers.

Precision is an engineering-driven, high-tech manufacturing company. Our customers like to work with us because we understand them. When you need a magnetic component to fit a specific application, you can call, and we’ll deliver precisely the right one.

It’s important to us, and our customers, that we maintain Precision’s position as a technology and industry leader. We respond to customer needs with a diverse product line, and the ability to solve problems.

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