Powertools sweden ab

Powertools sweden ab

Kvartsgatan 10, 749 40 Enköping, Sweden

AboutPowertools sweden ab

Powertools is located in Enköping, where the business was already in the 60s - then under the name Bahco Power Tools. Since May 11, 2012, Powertools is a wholly owned company of CEO Robert Lund together with his wife Maria.


Powertools has four product areas that we categorize our tools in. They are:


Pneumatic tools that are excellent when needed for fast, easy and efficient tools for eg grinding, assembly, screwdriving, drilling, threading, cutting or motoring.


Hydraulic tools that are unbeatable when you want to develop high power in confined spaces, such as if necessary, lifting, pulling, cutting, direction, compression or screw tension.


Thread arms that are a great tool at your workshop when you need to thread, break, grada or tighten screws. The benefits are many in ergonomics, economics and logistics. SL thread arms are the original and still the best!


Tightening tools - or torque wrenches are the tools that apply when tightening screws with high torque and high accuracy. Here are tools specialized for different purposes, such as control, simultaneous drawing of multiple joints or tools optimal for inaccessible places. The tools are both hydraulic and compressed air driven, depending on your needs.

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