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Phoenix Contact Turkey

Phönix Elektrizitatsgesellschaft, which was founded in 1923 based on 'Copper and Ideas', invented modular and rail terminal blocks as a result of the intense contacts of H. Knümann & Co. with energy companies in Germany.

Today, the Company Headquarters is in Blomberg, Germany. Founded in 1986, Phoenix Contact Turkey aims to always provide the best service to its customers with its more than 50 employees and a nationwide office and dealership organization.

For this purpose, we develop our quality system and necessary resources in line with our needs, monitor its effectiveness and continuously improve it. In order to enable our employees to achieve results more effectively, we organize continuous in-house trainings, increase their competencies by improving their knowledge and skills, and provide the appropriate infrastructure and working environment by using the technologies required today.

We direct our assets towards our goals and contribute to the ever-developing country's economy.

About Phoenix Contact

We are a family company based in Germany. The group includes 55 sales companies in various parts of the world, fifteen of which are German and four are international companies. We are located in more than 100 countries around the world.

Company headquarters: 32825 Blomberg, Germany

Established: 1923, Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Number of employees worldwide: 17,100

2020 turnover: 2.4 billion euros

Number of international companies: 19

Production facilities: 11

Number of sales companies: 55