Pentagon Rugged Systems

Pentagon Rugged Systems

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AboutPentagon Rugged Systems

Pentagon Rugged Systems started in the year 2003 with main focus on rugged mil grade systems, Industrial Automation and total solution serving all the wings of Indian Armed Forces. One of the leading system integrator and solution provider. working with R & D Establishments and the DRDO laboratories in the country. Also closely associated with various public and private sectors for various defense projects. Pentagon Rugged System are primarily focused in extending service to the major research and development where there is more scope to challenge the environment there by meeting military standard and Pentagon Rugged Systems are associated with the worldwide leader in art and science of the ruggedization of electronic equipment for harsh environments..



  • 1. Indigenously developed products.
  • 2. Customer Friendly Custom Engineering.
  • 3. Technology innovation.
  • 4. Industrial grade with reliability and compatibility.
  • 5. Excellent Technical support / Risk Management.
  • 6. Enhanced products to quickly and cost-effectively meet customer�s technical requirements.


  • 1. To Excel in the field of Ruggedization, Thereby Serving all wings of Department of Defense.
  • 2. Indigenously designed products for use in harsh environment applications, where they may be subjected to extreme temperatures, thermal cycling stress and high shock and vibration conditions.
  • 3. To accommodate a wide spectrum of platforms with differing environmental requirements.
  • 4. To offer products with a choice of ruggedization levels.
  • 5. Application in rugged military, commercial, industrial and medical environments.
  • 6. Delivering leading-edge technology products for a variety of embedded computing applications.