Pacific HVAC Engineering Pty Ltd

Pacific HVAC Engineering Pty Ltd

2/63 Wells Rd, Chelsea Heights VIC 3196, Australia

AboutPacific HVAC Engineering Pty Ltd

For over 25 years, Pacific HVAC have been helping people just like you. Through an in-house ecosystem of dedicated engineers, collaboration with industry leaders and old fashioned innovation, we’ve become Australia’s leading providing of HVAC equipment. Fans, attenuators, air condition, chillers and more – whatever it is you need, we go bespoke to give you the best solutions possible.

Pacific HVAC Engineering partner with Chicago Blower Corp. (U.S.) to offer a full range of high performance centrifugal and axial fans / blowers throughout Australasia. With access to over 50 years of Chicago Blower’s extensive engineering experience and AMCA certified designs, we are equipped to offer world class fans and blowers to satisfy any requirement. All drafting and fabrication is handled in-house, in Australia, by a team of engineers and production specialists with decades of experience on projects throughout our region.

Headquartered in San Bernardino, CA, MacroAir is the pioneer of the HVLS (High-Volume, Low-Speed) fan industry. As the distributor throughout Australia and New Zealand, we are dedicated to continually innovating and perfecting the world’s most efficient fans for businesses. MacroAir products are made in the USA, but can be found around the world creating comfortable climates in a more cost-effective and energy-efficient way than traditional fans and HVAC systems.

Euroclima use and promote the newest technologies to minimise the energy consumption of complete air conditioning systems.

To support the Euroclima range, Pacific HVAC Engineering has trained in-house specialists offering a complete service from equipment selection and quotation to on-site commissioning with after sales back up.