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D51 DWDI Aerofoil or Laminar Fans

D51 DWDI Aerofoil or Laminar Fans

Design 51 DWDI Aerofoil and Laminar impellers have ideal characteristics for variable air volume systems. With a smooth, steep pressure curve, changes in pressure cause only minor changes in volume. The broad, high, efficiency curve offers a wide range of selections from each fan size along with a wide operating range. The smooth stable air flow over the entire performance range is the result of Chicago’s Deeply spun inlet cones, impeller cones and aerofoil blades.


High efficiency hollow bladed airfoil wheel

Smooth steep pressure curve ideal for VAV systems

Stable air flow over entire performance range

Spun steel wheel cone optimizes air flow

Substantially lower sound levels

Continuously welded heavy steel construction

Rigid bracing resists possible distortion from sudden air flow variations

AMCA Certified performance


High Volume Supply Air

Variable Air Volume Systems

any Industrial Supply and Exhaust Systems

Operating Range

To 200 m3/s L/S

Static Pressures to 5 kPa

Wheel diameter 336mm to 2000mm

Temps to 65°C

Three construction classes to meet duty requirements

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