Oy Ekocoil

Oy Ekocoil

Leppäkuja 3 (map) 14200 Turenki FINLAND

AboutOy Ekocoil

Oy Ekocoil

The Oy Ekocoil Group is formed by three companies: The parent company Oy Ekocoil, its subsidiary Ekopatter Oy and Eino Talsi Oy. Together these three can offer one of the most versatile product portfolio in the market.

Oy Ekocoil has one of the most extensive product range of dry coolers, condensers, air-to-air heat exchangers, heating, cooling and heat recovery coils in Europe. Its product portfolio also includes gravity coils and fan air coolers. The products can be used in many types of environments and conditions. Ekopatter Oy manufactures most of Ekocoil products.

Oy Ekocoil has strong background and many of years of experience from different types of industries including comfort ventilation, cooling of electronics and variety of energy related companies. Oy Ekocoil is an OEM manufacturer for several leading companies in the industry. Ekocoil has customers among air conditioning unit manufacturers (application to heating, cooling and heat recovery etc), in commercial cooling & freezing and in energy- and process industry.

The company has two facilities in Turenki; in Leppäkuja and in Rastikangas with over 10 000 m² of production area.

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