OTTO Motors

OTTO Motors

1425 Strasburg Rd Ste 2A, Kitchener, Ontario, N2R 1H2, Canada

AboutOTTO Motors

Together, we can automate materials movement.

We make products and decisions every day around our core values. They drive what we build and they drive what we do for our customers.

Customers First

Focus on customer happiness and always put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Understand the customer's needs better than they do. Deliver a remarkable experience at every opportunity. Provide a consistent experience as we grow.

Start With Why

Break problems down to first principles and ask lots of questions. Challenge assumptions with data. Always strive to understand why customers care. Simplify.

No Bullshit

Results matter, job titles don’t. Do what you say. Respect the person, but don’t let bad ideas go unchallenged. Always be honest, direct and transparent. Tackle difficult conversations head-on.

Be Humble

Everybody has something to learn. Seek first to understand, then be understood. Push yourself to become better.

Be Frugal

Profit is the engine that lets us achieve our goals. Make smart investments. If we do more with less, we can do more. Spend it like it’s yours.

Think Big

Anticipate where we’re going and invest in systems that scale – help us build for the future! Encourage crazy ideas, volunteer for impossible situations, and don’t be afraid to go against the grain. Learn lots and grow quickly.

Move Fast

Use processes to automate everything you can. Break rules when necessary. Don’t ask for permission if you can stand firm behind your decision. Analyze failure and learn from it. Get shit done.

Create Wow

Inspire confidence and admiration in every interaction someone has with Clearpath. Surprise and delight customers in strange and interesting ways. Execute with obsession to detail.

Empower Others

Create heroes. Give constructive feedback quickly. Go the extra mile for your teammates. Be a teacher.

Be Fearless

Embrace risk and tackle hard problems. If our ambitions aren’t uncomfortable or terrifying, we aren’t pushing ourselves far enough.