OPP Policka

OPP Policka

Starohradska 396, 57201 Policka, Czech Republic.

AboutOPP Policka

We have more than 50 years of tradition and it has always been associated with products of high quality and value. As one of the last we galvanize by hand in pliers or using various hand tools, which allows us to also galvanize the molded parts. The described service is performed in accordance with CSN EN 1461 and we will issue the declaration of conformity according to ISO  IEC Guideline 22 on the work done. Complaints Procedure If a complaint is made to the goods provided by the e-commerce www.opp.cz, the buyer can claim the claim by e-mail.

Written notice of the identified defects is claimed by the buyer at the following address: opp@opp.cz

The defect notice must include: name of the buyer, address, telephone number, e-mail (if available), order number, detailed description of the defect and proposal to solve the situation. In all cases, you must provide a copy of the invoice and proof of payment and delivery of goods for which defects are claimed.

The Buyer is obliged to check before the receipt of the Goods receipt from the Carrier that the Shipment does not bear any signs of damage occurring during transportation. If the packaging is damaged, the buyer is obliged to check on the spot whether the goods have been damaged in the shipment. The buyer is obliged to inform the carrier and the seller at the latest of any damage to the goods, but no later than two working days after the receipt of the goods. Caution: In the event of damage to the packaging, immediately report the damage to the carrier with the carrier. It will make it easier to handle complaints.

The seller shall inform the buyer within three business days of receipt of the defect notification of the follow-up complaint procedure.

Seller does not assume responsibility for damages resulting from the operation of products, functions and damages caused by improper use as well as damage caused by external events. Defects of this kind are not covered.