35 Thompson St, South Burlington, Vermont, 05403, United States


When Logic Supply began back in 2003, our goal was to provide builders, makers and doers the technology ingredients they needed to create next generation computing solutions. In the beginning we were selling mostly motherboards and components, quite literally "supplying the logic" for our customers' projects. Today, we're working with global leaders in every industry to develop computing solutions that outsmart the world's most complex technology challenges. We felt it was time for the image and brand of our company to catch up to who we've become.

Early on, our computers may have been small, but our ambitions never were, we were taking steps toward a much larger vision – to design, manufacture and sell specialized devices to companies that were changing the world. As our customers' needs have grown more diverse, the problems we're helping to solve have gotten bigger too, and the products and services we offer have evolved in kind. Even with all that change, our goal has remained the same: to empower our customers to succeed while helping to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

Our customers dream, create and ultimately run on the hardware solutions we're designing, so the evolution from Logic Supply to OnLogic feels like a natural one.