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AboutOnanon Inc

Onanon is an OEM innovator, designer, and manufacturer of connectors and cable assemblies.

Housing prototyping to mass production, Onanon produces over 10 million connector and cable assemblies each month, making us one of the largest custom OEM manufacturers in North America.

Founded in 1979 in Milpitas, California, Onanon is an innovative engineering and manufacturing company that makes specialized connectors and customizable cable assemblies with integrated electronics. We are one of the largest custom OEM manufacturers in North America, with capabilities to produce and ship over 14 million interconnects each month. Onanon offers both build-to-print and customized interconnect solutions of the highest quality, built locally by our engineering team with a quick turnaround time.

In our constant effort to be the best, we leverage design and manufacturing technology to reduce cost and improve the quality of our products. Our engineering team utilizes the latest in engineering design software when designing our interconnects for manufacturing. We value innovation, precision, and a strong desire to make the best products possible for our customers in all of the work we do.