Omron Europe B.V.

Omron Europe B.V.

Wegalaan 67-69 2132 JD Hoofddorp Netherlands

AboutOmron Europe B.V.

Omron applies its core competencies in sensing and control technologies through a variety of operations on a global scale.

We at Omron Industrial Automation support our customers' innovations in the art of making things by providing high-quality control components along with Omron's sensing and control technologies.

Omron Industrial Automation follows the Omron Corporation's theory, statement, and corporate principles to help our customers realize innovation in the art of making things in the industrial automation domain.

SINIC Theory: Seed-Innovation to Need-Impetus Cyclic Evolution

Developed by Omron's founder, Dr. Kazuma Tateisi, and presented at the 1970 International Future Research Conference, SINIC theory acts as a compass to align our corporate strategy with society's future needs. According to this theory, science, technology and society share a cyclical relationship,

mutually impacting and influencing each other in two distinct ways. In one direction, scientific breakthroughs yield new technologies that help society to advance.

In the other direction, social needs spur on technological development and expectations for new scientific advancement. Thus, both of these factors affect each other in a cyclical manner, propelling further social evolution.

OMRON Industrial Automation Business, powered by our i-Automation! concept, generates value by solving manufacturing site issues through innovation that can address changes in what products are manufactured, and where, how, and by whom they need to be manufactured.

We have 37 Automation Centers across the world where we work with our customers to develop solutions to the issues. At these Centers, customers can test and verify potential solutions with our experienced sales engineers in a simulated environment. We implement some applications and technologies to achieve i-Automation! at our own production facilities around the world to further enhance them for real-world use and deliver them. OMRON will continue to strive to be a reliable partner in manufacturing innovation by working with our customers to address new issues and, through these efforts, evolve and nurture our i-Automation! concept.

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