Norwalt Design

Norwalt Design

961 State Rte 10 Ste 2A, Randolph, New Jersey, 07869

AboutNorwalt Design

It all began in 1971 when Norwalt first opened its doors. Since then, we have grown to become the preferred and trusted resource for elite automation machinery. From design to build, we push limits and break barriers to deliver the most efficient, innovative solutions possible.

Why Choose Norwalt?

  • High-quality machinery. All of our machines undergo rigorous testing and quality checks to ensure you get the very best product.
  • Proactive design improvements. Many times, clients come to us with a product that looks great but is unsuitable for high-speed automation. When this is the case, we’ll work with you to improve the design and make your product ideal for mass production.
  • . We’re the team that’s easy to get a hold of—period.
  • From in the mold to out the door. If it involves high-speed automation, we do it all. More importantly, we do it right.
  • Highly skilled with “real world” parts. We’re sometimes given pre-molded parts that are deformed due to external processes, packing, etc. We know how to work with these inconsistencies and change the outcome.
  • Backed by industry-leading patents. We have a number of patented products and technologies to give our clients a competitive edge.

Were One Big Nerdy Family

We value our employees not only as professionals, but as hardworking people. Norwalt has and always will be a family-owned company that looks out for its team and promotes a positive work culture.

We are:

  • Fast-paced. We build on each other’s momentum to set the pace for high-speed machinery.
  • Inclusive. We welcome new ideas and prioritize ambition rather than position.
  • Collaborative. All of our projects are team-based where each department works together toward a common goal.
  • Fun. We host a number of events and trips to give our team some well-deserved downtime.

We Stand for Sustainability

We work diligently to reduce our own carbon footprint and in turn, our clients’. From our facility to our machines, we strive to reduce energy usage in everything we do. As we build our machines in the United States, we’re proud to help build a better world, too.

Giving Back to Our Community

We are honored to host an apprenticeship program where participants gain hands-on experience in our facility. In addition, we sponsor various college projects for engineering and businesses. We continually mentor and support robotics teams to help plant the seeds for future innovation and success.

Our Passion for Innovation is Obvious

We are problem solvers who dare to think differently. By employing tools such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence or developing customized solutions, we are able to help our clients stay ahead of industry demands.