Nöron Mühendislik Makine Ltd. Şti.

Nöron Mühendislik Makine Ltd. Şti.

1181. Sk. No:42, 06374 Ostim Osb/Yenimahalle/Ankara, Turkey

AboutNöron Mühendislik Makine Ltd. Şti.

Who are we

We, Neuron Engineering Machinery Ltd. St. We are a manufacturer company located in Ankara. We have been operating since 2015. We produce and implement projects in the Machinery, Energy, Automation, Defense sectors. We take part in every stage of every project we are involved in, from the design stage, which is the first stage, to the commissioning, which is the final stage.

What we do

We build systems or machines to manage powdery or granular fluids (flour, bran, cement, gypsum, calcite, lime, carbon, coal, starch, wheat, barley, corn, legumes, PVC particles, hot ash, etc.). All businesses that work with powdered or granular fluids due to their activities are among our customers and they supply machines from us to store these materials, transport them from one point to another in the process, dosing, filtering, packaging, loading them into vehicles.

  • Loading (Filling) Bellows for Filling Bulk Trucks, Flatbed Trucks, Ships, Tankers
  • Stacking for Stock Areas Telescopic Chutes
  • Bigbag Filling or Bigbag Unloading Units
  • Weighing or Volumetric Dosing Transfer or Filling Systems
  • Storage Silos and Silo Equipment (Filter, Safety Valve, Level Meter, Bin Activator, etc.)
  • Valves (Butterfly, Sliding, Trousers, Star Type Rotary)are some of our products.

How We Work

Since the needs of every customer we work with are different, we have to offer tailor-made solutions. For this purpose, we make site visits, identify needs and expectations, design according to the purpose, update our work until we agree on the design with the users, make production, and complete the project by commissioning. We ensure the efficiency and continuity of the processes by providing after-sales services when necessary. Our partnerships are usually long-term. We constantly set up new systems by reflecting technological developments in our works.

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