Norelco oy

Norelco oy

Taitajantie 4-6, 57210 Savonlinna, Finland

AboutNorelco oy


Norelco, founded in 1962, is one of the leading european manufacturers of electric distribution systems in europe and the biggest in Finland. We design and manufacture LV and MV switchgear for the energy, industry and construction sectors. We offer efficiency and experience for our customers’ energy distribution projects:

  • we plan and develop customer specific solutions for new projects and renovations

  • we manufacture installation friendly and innovative switchgear for your project

  • we act as a reliable partner through the life-cycle of the products

  • we offer quality operations in all phases of the delivery

  • we manage your projects with experience

Our know-how

We develop and manufacture innovative systems for distribution of electricity based on the need and feedback of our customers taking into consideration the challenges of the constantly changing operating environment

We specialise in low and medium voltage switchgear, substations and related services.

Our partners

We have a wide experience of demanding projects and customer sectors:

  • Energy distribution: electrical utilities and power companies for whom we deliver equipment that has been planned for extreme conditions

  • Industry: switchgear for process control and energy distribution, specialised switchgear for machine manufacturers

  • Construction: building electrification and automation systems for offices, commercial building, public building, infrastructures and housing


Our long customer lists includes domestic and international companies, which can tell you about our reliabilitys and know-how.

We are an economically strong company who has operated for decades with a profit. We are proud of our products which have been tested and developed for demanding needs and environments. The long tradition on success and the high quality are based on our own product development and partners of good reputation.

We operate closely with independent testing facilities and standardization committees. Our modern production facilities are being audited regularly. By using the carefully made products of Norelco you can guarantee a safe procurement every time.

Product development


A succesfull switchgear delivery project is always based on well designed products. Our product development takes into consideration the various needs of our customers and the possibility to be able to modify the products for various environments. The products are tested according to EN- and IEC-standards in independent laboratories, where the short-circuit and arc-fault tests can also be carried out.

In the project execution phase our knowledgeable designers make alternative proposals to our customers bringing out different technical and economical solutions. The components used are all from well respected western manufacturers. The switchgear can be altered and specialised using the latest CAD/CAM-techniques.



All of our products are manufactured in Finland, where we have a long tradition of quality manufacturing. We use the principle of continuous improvement in our daily operations thriving to learn from our past mistakes so that we do not repeat them again. As a base of efficient operations we use lean-technology to reduce all the waste

Every product that we make is inspected at the factory according to our thorough inspection protocol. The product families have been type tested in independent laboratories to ensure a safe operation and minimization of damages in fault situations.

We take good care of our customer projects. We offer excellent delivery times for all types and sizes of projects.

Being located in the most beautiful lake region in Finland, it is natural for us to take of the environmental issues. As an old family company we act as a responsible and fair employer taking good care of employee security and social issues.