Noratel Denmark A/S

Noratel Denmark A/S

Naverland 15 2600 GLOSTRUP DENMARK

AboutNoratel Denmark A/S

Noratel is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high-quality customised transformers and wound components. Headquartered in Hokksund, Norway, Noratel has been supplying transformer-related products to many of the world’s leading industrial companies in different industries for the past 100 years. Noratel’s transformers can be found in many applications around the globe: from ships and trains to wind turbines, lifts, escalators, cranes, solar panels, refrigerators and medical devices.

Noratel’s 40-strong R&D engineering team is based around the world, speaks its customers’ languages and is not only skilled at transformer design, but fully understands the applications and market segments it is supplying to.

Our engineers work in teams with customers’ in-house engineers to find high-performance, cost-effective solutions to their needs. 75% of Noratel’s products are customised. Noratel’s promise to the market are products with high standards of performance, reliability and safety; competitive prices; and on-time deliveries.

Noratel employs 2,300 people. It supplies industrial manufacturers in Europe and, increasingly, North America, India and China and has production facilities in Eastern Europe, Asia and the US. Noratel will continue growing towards its ambition of becoming the leading global player within the Transformer Industry.”