Nanosurf AG

Nanosurf AG

Gräubernstrasse 12 4410 Liestal Switzerland

AboutNanosurf AG

Nanosurf, founded in 1997, is a Swiss-based provider of scanning probe microscopes. Our products are developed and produced at our headquarters in Liestal by our dedicated team of experienced engineers and physicists, and sold worldwide. Our product range includes the most compact AFM and STM instruments on the market, state‑of‑the‑art research atomic force microscope systems, and customized and comprehensive next‑level nanotechnology solutions. Our customers in research, industry, and teaching value the innovative approach, modularity, and ease of use that all of our products offer.

Market leader

Nanosurf is global market leader for:

  • AFM-based single-cell and nanomanipulation tools
  • AFM and STM devices for nanoeducation
  • Compact and mountable AFM systems
  • Custom-built AFM systems
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