MPE Electronics Ltd

MPE Electronics Ltd

Brambleside Bellbrook Industrial Estate Uckfield East Sussex TN22 1QQ

AboutMPE Electronics Ltd

High-Quality Electronics Professionals For A High-Quality Product

MPE Electronics is an electronics manufacturer with a reputation for excellence.

Established in 1991, we are based in Uckfield, East Sussex. Our founding ethos was one of excellence in service and the production of high-quality products. We continue our focus on producing low to medium volumes of high specification PCB assemblies and complete products. We understand our clients are from industries where reliability and effectiveness are vital. Our expert professionals take pride in delivering the best in electronics manufacturing.

Electronics Manufacturer Reliability

Our team of electronics manufacturers are highly trained and experienced, with many working with MPE electronics upwards of 15 years. Consistency in our team allows for consistent products for our clients. Therefore, the culture within our organisation is central to our reliability and success. We are proud that our staff choose to stay with us, and you can find family members working alongside each other. Mothers and sons, husbands and wives, siblings, and cousins champion our company values.

Our staff are trained to IPC Class 3 workmanship standards and insist on the consistent enhancement of their skills.

Continued Electronics Manufacturing Development

Being a leading electronics manufacturer demands continued development. We commit to continually training our team with the latest skills. We also invest in the newest technology and the regular review of our processes to ensure we are at the forefront of PCB assembly and contract electronics manufacturing.

Our commitment to sustainability

At MPE, we take our commitment to the wellbeing of our environment extremely seriously. For this reason, we have taken the time to address a range of environmental and sustainability issues that our business operations can have a positive impact on.

The following measures have been implemented within all aspects of our business:

  • We currently recycle cardboard boxes, plastic and paper through a correctly accredited waste recycling sub-contractor.
  • All other packaging that cannot be reused at MPE and is suitable to be, is donated to a local charity.
  • With the cooperation of some of our customers, the bags and boxes that goods are sent in are returned to MPE for re-use.
  • Excess material is often sold to our customers at the end of the project, usually for their spares fulfillment. Alternatively, we use some component finders, through which we sell the excess devices.
  • We have a contract set up with a correctly accredited electric waste disposal contractor, to dispose of our Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) with containers on site that are emptied when full.
  • All substances that are out of date are collected by a correctly accredited chemical waste contractor.
  • All solder waste is collected by our solder suppliers for recycling.
  • Plastic bottles and tin cans are also recycled through a correctly accredited waste recycling sub-contractor.

Our Values

‘At MPE, we firmly believe in a set of core values that define and guide our business.

These values are applied in our day-to-day operations, and in our relationships with our customers, suppliers and the community.’

Nicola Evans, Production Director, MPE Electronics


At MPE, we act with integrity, regardless of the circumstances.This means that we value transparency, through honest and open communication and always strive to do the right thing.


Trust is the foundation of what we do.It plays a fundamental role in our relationships with our customers, suppliers, personnel and stakeholders, in general.


At MPE, we take pride in being reliable. This means that you can count on us.Quality, traceability, high standards of service and accountability are what set us apart.


Flexibility is a fundamental feature of our daily operations. We do our best to accommodate our customers when the sudden need to amend an order arises. This includes implementation of design changes, at short notice.


We are committed to delivering an excellent service to our customers through dedication, constant training and innovation, as well as being forward-thinking and adopting a can-do attitude.


At MPE, we place a high emphasis on sustainability, protecting the environment and being caring towards our staff and our community.

We are committed to a culture of diversity and inclusion and hugely value respect and tolerance in the workplace.