Motor Power Company S.r.l.

Motor Power Company S.r.l.

Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 4 42024 Castelnovo Sotto Italy

AboutMotor Power Company S.r.l.

Motor Power Company specialises in the design and development of high performance industrial motion solutions. We have acquired consolidated expertise and technical know-how from experience with all kinds of applications and through our continuous commitment to research and development. This allows us to partner leading international companies in the supply of products and solutions for automation and motion control.

Our gearboxes, gearmotors, servo motors, drives and controllers are the result of a production concept unique to our factories, based on constant supervision of every phase, from design to delivery, by highly experienced personnel.

The past and present success of Motor Power Company is based on synergy between two fundamental characteristics: a watchful eye on the latest innovations and developments in technology, and an open ear to requests from customers and the market. We are confident that this same synergy will carry us into the future.

Empathy & Knowledge.We make it happen

Over the years, continuous design and development of innovative products for complex engineering processes has led to the creation of dedicated solutions for specific applications in the field of industrial movement and automation.

We can supply a vast range of customised products and solutions to satisfy even the most specific and specialist industrial needs, from material handling to processing, measurement & control to testing & measurement.

Our Skills:Fully Connected

The know-how we have built up through continuous research into motion power and control enable us to effectively integrate mechanical, electromechanical and electronic technologies. The constant exchange of information between these disciplines permits us to develop better integrated, more efficient and more effective mechatronic solutions. This translates into exceptional flexibility and added value for our customers, partners and stakeholders.