Via Le Ghiselle, 20 25014 Castenedolo (BS) - ITALY


Research and Development are essential for us, for this reason our company name is Motive. Since its birth, in fact, Motive has not simply reached the technological level of other competitors, but it has been inspired by an idea, and the name Motive derives from the fact that the motive-ation was, and still is, to give valid motives to customers for buying its products, thing made possible by the creation of added values that others cannot offer.

We believe that the future of Motive will depend on the capability of creating novelties, in comparison with the entire market, which is increasingly globalized and where products with consolidated technology can be found worldwide.

What most inspires us, motive-ating us more and more, is to succeed in creating “things” that astonish customers, opening new perspective not only to the distributor but also to the manufacturer that can, with these new products, offer in its turn something new to its customers, by developing its offer and changing strategies, catalogues and ranges. Motive has certainly determined the evolutionary rate of the sector but it is going to develop further, in order to gain new customers’ confidence in various fields, so that they can ride the wave of its innovations, too.

Newsletters are too many and we read them less and less. Market rumors are not reliable. We don't have time to read catalogues.Said things are not sure, in a globalized market where it is difficult to understand who's who, and which companies are really granting a control on design and production. Then, it's difficult to recognize and trust to the added values that can turn your business into a more profitable one. Because of all of that, one of Motive marketing efforts is to "show" what it is and what it gives. In several ways:

  • A web-site which grants a complete technical support and "proves" as much as possible all declarations, like the datasheet creator tool, the final test-reports downloader, the 2D and 3D drawings and the type test-reports and diagrams  di tipo, le certificazioni esterne.
  • Clients training on motive products and services with direct visits of the Italian factory