Montratec GmbH

Montratec GmbH

Johann-Liesenberger-Stra├če 778078 NiedereschachGermany

AboutMontratec GmbH

montrac® shuttle solutions: 

  • Positive influence on ROI
  • Ecologically energy-optimized operation
  • Energy-efficient direct current via the monorail
  • Efficiency-optimized drives at the shuttle
  • Low maintenance requirements, minimal wear 

Advantages of the transport system montrac®

100% anti-static / electromagnetically compatible: montrac® meets the DIN standards EN 61000-6-2:2005 and EN 61000-6-4:2011

Minimal particle emission and fine dust development: special gummed drive rollers of the montrac® shuttle with minimum contact to the monorail ensure minimal abrasion and wear.

Cleanroom classes ISO 5 and 7: montrac® offers transport solutions for cleanroom production in the semiconductor, e-mobility and plastics industry – certified by the Fraunhofer-Institute.

Smooth transport / positioning accuracy

Modular design / small footprint: flexible, efficient plant layouts in a confined space and minimum footprint, even over several floors and for installation under the ceiling.

On-Board-Power-Supply: thanks to permanent power supply, tests and checking processes are possible during the journey on the shuttle

Certified for cleanroom classes ISO 5 and 7