MiniTec España S.L.U.

MiniTec España S.L.U.

C/ Carlos Jiménez Díaz, 7. Pol. Ind. La Garena | 28806 Alcalá de Henares, Madrid

AboutMiniTec España S.L.U.

MiniTec Spain supplies extruded modular aluminum profiles aimed at industrial environments, where countless applications are needed for which our profiles are suitable. Minitec develops, designs and manufactures structures, conveyors and linear motion systems with these profiles.

Our modular system of aluminum profiles together with the wide variety of accessories in our catalog allows us to compose practically unlimited applications, safety protections, work benches, conveyors, structures, etc. The MiniTec system simply, safely and cleanly offers a wide range of application options as well as numerous advantages.

We are a team of professionals specialized in the manufacture of structures, conveyors and linear systems in aluminum profiles. For this we have a wide range of aluminum profiles and accessories with which you can undertake countless applications and unleash your creativity. Our extensive experience in the industrial sector, both in the manufacture of conveyors and the development of new transport systems and industrial designs, some of them patented, allows us to propose "tailor-made" and complete solutions in each case.