Mehrer Compression GmbH

Mehrer Compression GmbH

Rosenfelder Str. 35 DE-72336 Balingen Germany

AboutMehrer Compression GmbH

Having been established in 1889, Mehrer is one of the oldest and most traditional compressor manufacturers in the world. As a partner of the processing and process gas industries, we specialise in the fail-safe, economical and completely oil-free compression of gases, gas mixtures and air. This technology, in which it is essential that the compression medium does not come into contact with oil during the compression process, requires wide-ranging and long-standing experience. Mehrer pioneered the work decades ago using dry-running compressors with a crosshead design. Today, our modern and sophisticated oil-free dry-running piston compressors and diaphragm compressors provide high reliability and value in process engineering.

Customized compressor technologies

For 100% oil-free compression we offer customized technologies with dry-running piston compressors and diaphragm compressors in V-type or vertical type and dry-running screw compressors. Depending on the specification process, we use a variety of materials for the surfaces which have contact with the gas. The material used is adapted to the customer's requirements, for example the use of colour-free metal for aggressive media to ensure reliable and durable operation.

Options for premium quality

In many processes - water supply, health care, pharmaceuticals and chemicals - the compressed media are subject to special requirements. In these cases we use additional options, such as filters and sterile filters for separating solid particles, gases and bacteria, after-coolers, refrigeration and adsorption dryers.

Mehrer means:

Many years of engineering expertise in gas and air compression (Analysis by the "finite element method" of compressor parts and pulsation studies) - Process experience in many sectors - Customized solutions - The highest level of precision and reliability - Quality without compromise - Modular product concept with high-quality technical components - Customer friendly value - Highest security - Long-life warranty - High efficiency and economy - Power consumption optimised to requirements - Compressed gases and compressed air of premium quality - High process quality - Qualified installation, commissioning, maintenance - Customer services