MCD Elektronik GmbH

MCD Elektronik GmbH

Hoheneichstraße 52, 75217 Birkenfeld, Germany

AboutMCD Elektronik GmbH

Creativity and Innovation

MCD Elektronik "was born" 1983, to fulfill an idea. An idea that no one really thought was possible at the time. This was our first development, an attenuation box for the adjustment of output levels for RF transmitters.

Today we are 80 experienced specialists. The expectations that our customers have from us often border the limits of what is technically possible. However, we realize and take on each idea with the same motives that we had for our first creation.

Our passion is measurement technology to the decimal point. We love the challenge; therefore, we develop customized innovative test systems “Made in Germany“ with highly skilled technicians and engineers.


In 1983 the ground stone was laid for a successful future. Four young men had a vision of a product that can be used worldwide with quality superior to all competition. In their spare time, they developed an attenuator to control the RF level of transmission and test equipment. After many long hours of development and testing, their vision became a reality. An attenuator with incredible durability and precision was developed. Shortly after, they found a Danish company, which wanted to integrate this attenuator into their stations and to market it worldwide. It had already been clear then that the preparation of the calibration line was only the beginning of what was to come. The passion for customer-specific measurement technology was already present and only growing.

The success of this product has shown us that it pays off to approach seemingly impossible tasks with expertise and creativity. And even today, we realize every single idea for the same reasons as we did back then.