MARS Antennas and RF Systems, Ltd.

MARS Antennas and RF Systems, Ltd.

3 Hamanor St., Holon 58861 Israel

AboutMARS Antennas and RF Systems, Ltd.

MARS Antennas & RF Systems is a world-class antennas design and manufacturer, RF solutions provider and R&D Company which designs and manufactures cost-effective antenna solutions with exceptional performance.

Since 1994, MARS Antennas has been specializing in Outdoor & In-Building Multi Polarized Antennas. Our directional & base station antennas are used in LTE, WiMAX, Cellular, Mobile, MIMO, WLAN and Wi-Fi systems.

Designed for fixed and mobile, stand alone or embedded applications, MARS antennas cover frequency ranges from 138MHz up-to 11 GHz, 24-30GHz.

Our expertise includes developing and manufacturing antennas based on printed circuit antennas, flat panel arrays, small size dish antennas, beam forming antennas and more.

MARS Antennas offers a wide range of various MIMO directional (CPE) and Sector (Base Station) antennas and a wide range of antennas for ISM & Special Applications, 802.11ax, embedded, LTE, Wi-Fi Repeaters and In-Building Cellular Repeaters.

MARS Antennas & RF Systems is an ISO9001, ISO14001 and RoHS certified manufacturing and R&D company, with extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of cost-effective, top performance antennas and RF systems.

In-house internal anechoic chambers allow MARS Antennas high-quality product development and superior quality control.

For over 25 years, MARS Antennas has been committed to innovation, quality and excellence in all our products through superior antenna design, top quality materials and controlled production processes.

Sales and Partners with MARS Antennas can be found in five continents.