LonTrend Corp

LonTrend Corp

5F., No.407, Sec. 6, New Taipei Blvd., Taishan Dist. New Taipei City, 24355, Taiwan

AboutLonTrend Corp

Lon Trend is a leading brand established in 1985 providing its services in die-castings and later focused exclusively on the design and manufacturing of camera housings, pan tilt units and IR illuminators. LonTrend built its strong foundation from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)/Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) business. Our product line can be adapted to high specified project market or to distribution oriented needs retaining the flexibility for future expansions based on our professional integration and customization support. With strong research and development background and capability, Lon Trend aims to satisfy your security requirements in the simple possible manner. From city surveillance, traffic, to harsh environment applications, our experience is your protection.

Our quality manufacturing acquired an ISO 9001 certification.

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