Kubicek VHS, s.r.o.

Kubicek VHS, s.r.o.

Maršíkovská 615 788 15 Velké Losiny Czech Republic

AboutKubicek VHS, s.r.o.

Company KUBÍČEK VHS specializes in the production of so-called ROOTs blowers and blower units that are applied across a wide number of industries, ranging from engineering (e.g. air sources for waste water treatment plants and drinking water processing plants) to farming (blower units for milking lines), the food industry, construction, and many, many more.

The leading advantage that blowers made by KUBÍČEK VHS have to offer is their compact design, which boasts superior durability, reliability, low maintenance cost and also very long service life.

We are the Czech Republic's leading producer and supplier of special blowers and other equipment for the extraction and transport of explosive gases. More than 27 years of KUBÍČEK VHS’ presence on the Czech market is complemented by the constantly growing scope of international activities in recent years. We can guarantee both our domestic and international partners a degree of professionalism, which we have been improving over the years in all aspects of the services that we provide. From first contact with the client until delivery and installation of the equipment and its servicing, all employees of KUBÍČEK VHS are deeply committed to the main principles of our corporate culture. Any need that any customer may have is addressed on an individual basis, quickly, correctly and in an unusually helpful manner. Evidence of this attitude to our clients being fruitful are the positive references from both our domestic and international clients, as well as the many years of dynamic cooperation. This also brings continuous development of the company, upgrading its manufacturing capacity and headcount. The headquarters of KUBÍČEK VHS is in Velké Losiny, in the foothills of the High Ash Mountains in the Czech Republic. The location has received international recognition for its famous spa and manual paper mill. With its current headcount of more than 100 employees, KUBÍČEK VHS is a major and stable employer in the region.

Apart from the technological perfection of our manufacturing plant, sales, and highly flexible servicing, KUBÍČEK VHS also operates a proprietary research and development site that is capable of designing solutions that meet any individual need our customers may have. Therefore, we are able to present our clients with technologically advanced, sophisticated equipment that delivers more power, is more economical, produces significantly lower noise, and exhibits a higher degree of operational safety than our competitors. Our product range of blowers and blower units only have minimum requirements for operation and maintenance.

We guarantee expert servicing and repair not only for our products, but also for equipment made by other companies; this is a great improvement in operational comfort for all our

clients. In terms of our own products, we also offer unusually long warranty periods, and in the Czech Republic, also express servicing within 24 or only 12 hours in some locations.