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AboutK+S Services

K+S Services has had a hand in a number of industrial repair services since 1982, ranging from Electronics to Precision Machining and everything in between.

We offer professional engineering services available to all customers to aid in machine and reliability performance measures.

With a growing number of repair operations throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe, K+S Services is capable of supporting you with complete industrial repair services on a global scale. With over 866 different manufacturers and over 122,000 unique part numbers being supported, you can rest assured that K+S has the solution for you. Our capabilities within the Remanufactured Spare Parts division can market and sell excess/obsolete equipment all over the world.

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide our customers with quality repairs, effective solutions and efficient service through continuous quality improvements.

Industrial Repair Service

Our outstanding complete industrial repair service and hydraulic repair team provides you with a comprehensive set of services to restore any damaged equipment, increase productivity and keep your business at the forefront of your industry. Learn more about each of our industrial services and find out why K+S Services is the leader in industrial repair.

Automation Repair

Choose a team of expert technicians who are qualified for systems testing, performing routine maintenance and diagnosing and repairing any electronic, machining, hydraulic or mechanical issue with your automation process. Whether we need to order OEM components or engineer precision components for prompt repairs, our team can handle a myriad of automation repair issues on your timeline

S.T.A.M.P. Repairable Asset Management

When you work with K+S Services, you receive innovative repairs, designs and asset management services all in one. With over 30 years of successful asset tracking with Fortune 500 manufacturing companies, we developed the original S.T.A.M.P. database. This comprehensive and industry-leading database offers software designed to provide intuitive asset tracking.

A key component of S.T.A.M.P. is warranty surveillance. We carefully monitor the warranties on all your components to ensure that nothing is paid out-of-pocket that could otherwise be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Motor and Critical Spares Management

Whether you’re seeking hydraulic repair services or machining services, our team of technicians provides preventative maintenance and emergency repairs. This maximizes your investment and allows you to monitor your components and receive the repairs you need.

We’ll monitor your repair history and use dynamic algorithms and years of experience to implement predictive maintenance services to maximize your efficiency. This allows you to quickly diagnose any maintenance schedules and schedule repairs before catastrophic breakdown occurs. Containment and prompt serving minimizes any wasted time from your industrial equipment.

Up Front Engagement

We utilize comprehensive systematics to ensure your services, repairs and installed components are accurately tracked. Take advantage of our highly specific barcode system to monitor warranties, location of components and approximate lifespans.

K+S Services utilizes innovative data and quality control to ensure you not only receive the best quality components for your welding machine repair, hydraulic replacement and other industrial repair services but also engage in preventive maintenance to reduce downtime throughout your location.